World composition texturing

I’m just getting started with unreal engine, although I’ve spent a good deal of time with other graphics software and code engines. I have a project with a huge landmass, and not wanting to make the stitching and loading code myself I wanted to use world composition, I switched to unreal engine. So…

I have a very specific height and texture set I’m using. I have a small set of height maps successfully loaded (where on Earth is the reload height/weight maps the tutorial implies exists anyway, because it is not in the minimap like it said…I’ve had to delete and reload every time) and I followed the texture import tutorials for World Machine for tiled materials, and it does not work for non-world machine tiled input apparently. I have tiled textures, I’d like to add them automatically since I’m looking at a several hundred by the time I’m done.

I’m OK with doing this in code. In fact, since a future task is selecting the texture, swapping the texture dynamically, and displaying the meaning of the color, I’m heading into code already (and I’m usually banging my head with the C++ tutorials that jump between blueprints and code, too). I’d be happier doing this in code!

Hmmm, no answer? Can this not be done? I can’t add a material in code, only in the editor?