World Composition stuttering on load tiles

Hello, in these days I’m struggling a lot with world composition and loading tiles, in my level test there are only 2 little tiles, containing a bunch of mesh and some BP(like 3-4) and, when the tile try to load thanks to world composition streaming distance, I see a big stutterring, probably due to respawn actors.

I would like to defer spawn and/or try to optimize it but I don’t want to modify engine, is there a way to achieve it?
My game will be a big openworld so, sooner or later, I’ll have to fix this stuttering problem.
I know in project settings, under Streaming section, there are some values to tweak streaming but I don’t know which value would be good.

Is this just related to common optimization on BPs, meshes, texture etc… or maybe is there something more deep that I don’t know?