World composition problem

Not sure where I should post this but I’m trying to use World composition with my main level by adding extra levels when I need them. But when I select my map which is the persistent level, the landscape doesn’t show up on the World composition window and I cannot add adjacent levels to it.
I have no idea what to do, it only shows me this:

PS. I don’t want to use World Machine, I want to add adjacent levels manually
Using the latest UE4 version

Is your landscape in a separate level?
Well, I know it isnt. You need to read up on how level streaming works really.
You only have one level so far, so world composition is pointless.

In the levels panel, click on levels drop down arrow, then click create new. Choose a save location, preferably in the same folder or a subfolder of your persistent level.

Then you will want to select all your objects in your persistent level, and then move them to your new level. You shouldnt really have any visual elements in your persistent level, as in, no statics. Apart from possibly a sky, water, fog, lighting, post process volume, that sort of thing.

Hope this helps!