World Composition - Notification when everything is loaded


I am trying to set up my loading screen and I am rolling out my own solution since I need a dynamic and interactive loading screen. For this purpose, my original intention was to start the player off far to the side of the actual world, overlay a HUD, then when the game starts (This is the only loading screen in the game) I’d just teleport the player to one of the predefined spawn points.

Now, teleporting there I need to lock the player mid-air until everything is streamed in and I’d like to know if there’s a way to figure this out.

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Damir H.


You just need to ‘flush’ level streaming once your player is in place.
Look at this thread, it should help

Hey, thanks for the info that is a very useful method! I have however since found a way to do this without blocking the game thread as I needed an animated and interactive loading screen. My spawn point actor takes a list of level names (immediate surrounding). Once I teleport that actor querries those streaming levels every .5s until they’re all loaded then informs the game to continue.

This works with classic level streaming but NOT world composition right?

If you’re referring to my comment below then no, it works with both.

I was referring to the “Flush Level Streaming”. It looks like it has no effect on sublevels streaming in world composition

What meaning of 5s? you mean wait 5 sceond?