World Composition - Foliage Painting Problem

I cant draw foliage on my Terrain. Its tiled Terrain. No matter what i do bubble wont show up on the terrain-
If i place a static mesh on the terrain it lets me draw foliage on it.

Any advice?


If you drag a static mesh from the content browser into the foliage tool it creates a private Foliage Type asset suitable for the current sublevel only. You mention World Composition so I guess you have multiple streaming levels and I guess the landscape under the foliage in the screenshot isn’t in the current sublevel. But the static mesh you placed in the world is in the current level, so it works.

You need to create a shared Foliage Type asset so multiple levels can share it. Right click the icon in the foliage tool and then choose “Save as Foliage Type…” to turn it into a shared asset. You should then be able to seamlessly paint it across any sublevel.

Alternatively you can create a FoliageType asset first and then drag it from the content browser or use the green “+ Add Foliage Type” button.

I’ll open a feature request ticket to make this clearer.

omg thank you sooo much for that!

Hi , i tried your method but the problem is that foliage is painted in landscape layer, all do i have foliage layer as my active layer when painting so i cannot store foliage as separate levels layer. Also another question. I saw on some YT video with older version of UE editor that you can choose any asset form world outliner and than right click in levels window and choose save as new level. How can I do the same in 4.9?