World Composition breaks multiplayer testing in other levels

When using World Composition, ability to playtest multiplayer features in other levels breaks. Clients appear in default game startup map instead of targeted map. If ServerTravel is used, all clients travel to their own instances of targeted map.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new level. Place an object in this level to be able to tell difference.
  2. Create a new level in another folder intended for world composition. Turn on world composition and origin shifting for this level. Set this map as game’s default startup map
  3. Switch back to previous level.
  4. Increase number of clients from 1 to something higher.
  5. Press play. All clients who are not server will spawn in World Composition map. If ServerTravel is used, all clients will appear in their own instances of targeted map.
  6. If first level is set as default startup map, effect will be same as if servertravel had been used.
  7. If a dedicated server is used, effect will be same (with main viewport also displaying behaviour of a client).

Hi ,

I tested this in 4.7.1 and could not reproduce what you have described. Are you using a different engine version? Does this happen in a new project, or only your current project?

This is on 4.7.1, yes. I can reproduce issue in another project - I created a new First Person Template project and did steps described above. issue appears here as well.

Actually, issue is slightliy different - characters do end up on same map right away there, but they are still in different instances of that map and thus cannot see each other.

Welp, sorry for comment train here. I can’t reproduce issue as well, and after some fiddling I’ve determined that my other actors aren’t replicating properly. I can’t see other pawns, and physics-enabled actors in scene aren’t replicating their movement. Really glitchy shadows are visible from other pawns, though.

It’s as if replication has broken down across all my levels. This only happens in my project, and not in fresh ones.

That’s okay. If you reset replication settings on your actors, does it fix issue in your project?

Unfortunately not. I attempted to set both Replicates and Replicate Movement to off, compiled and played, reset them back to enabled, and issue was still there.

Let me check with network devs to see if they know what might be causing that. I’ll let you know if they need more information (logs, etc).

Super, thank you. Might be a good idea to say that I have a number of C++ RPCs that are affected as well.

Was project upgraded from a previous engine version?

Yes - it’s been upgraded with every version since 4.2 without any issues so far. latest jump was from 4.6 to 4.7, and then from 4.7 to 4.7.1.

And did this start happening in move from 4.6.1 to 4.7.0, or from 4.7.0 to 4.7.1?

I apologise, I made a mistake there. conversion was directly from 4.6 to 4.7.1. That is also where issue started.

Sorry for delay in response; a lot of our devs were at GDC this week so I haven’t gotten a solid response yet. I do have one more question, though: world origin shifting doesn’t work in Multiplayer currently, and while it’s on our wishlist it isn’t currently scheduled to be worked on. If you turn that off, do replication issues cease?

Here’s a link to a forum thread in which our main World Comp developer mentions this:

And another AnswerHub post where elaborates a bit more:

Hey there! Don’t worry about delay - you’ve had some busy days!

World Origin Rebasing was actually already turned off - I tried enabling it, but that had no effect, unfortunately.

I wouldn’t have a problem with it if it was restricted to world comp level, but since I can’t test other maps it’s really thrown a wrench in my machinery :frowning:


Can you post Client/Server logs for us? We want to see if clients are truly connecting to server, and if there are any warnings related to replication. Thanks!

Sure thing - what files would that specifically be?

It’ll just be your standard log files from your project, located in your Saved\Logs folder. It should include some useful network information. Run game as you normally do when you see these issues, and then and attach most recent log files here.

Here are logs:link text
file contains two runs, both with two clients on a non-world comp map. first run is without a dedicated server, second run with.

Hi ,

I apologize, I forgot to mention we’d like you to make sure you have right logs unsuppressed. In DefaultEngine.ini file (in Config folder for your project), add following and save:


Then run through game again as normal and get us most recent logs. Sorry to make you do that again =/