World Composition and foliage

Hi, I would like to know if there are limitations with World Composition relatively to foliage.

  • If we are using the foliage tool (Foliage Instanced Meshes, FIM), will we ever be limited in the number of instances we can create? Is all the folliage for a particular mesh handled by a single FIM, or is there one FIM per level?
  • I read it is possible to share a single FIM for all levels but is this desirable for large worlds?
  • what is the recommended size (in km) for each map in the World Composition for “AAA-type” game (i.e. with large density of foliage and static meshes) ?

In general I would also be interested in knowing about other potential limitations of World Composition for very large worlds (100x100km and over). It would be great to have an article in the documentation or the wiki answering all these questions about large worlds.

Haave you gotten any more information? I am doing 80 x 50 and having issues with foilage spawning after the 54th colum of tiles. everything is smooth before that