World Comp, seeing at distance

Hi people

Im pretty new to Unreal, only a couple of months of learning as I go.
Im currently building a pretty large map as a learn by doing project but im having a problem with a large map I am making.

While I am not making a game per say, with everything I am doing I have open world multiplayer in the back of my mind.

The following is the World information:

Componant Res: 255 x 255
Componant Count: 0
Componant Subsections: 2 x 2
Resolution (Verts): 1 x 1
Landscape count: 17
Overall Resolution (Verts): 4065 x 4065

Ok so to the problem at hand:

In this shot taken inside the editor you will see a mountain in front of me:

In this next picture (exact same spot) you will notice i dont see the mountain:

I know this is due to level streaming, however what i dont know is how to load in levels that i can see!

I need to be able to see the horizon but my map is apparently too big for one solid landscape so what is the solution here?

How can i have it so that no matter how far I can see, the landscape will render something.

Thanks in advance