World Alignment


I am working on a mixed reality (believe that is the right term) project. I am building a world in Unreal that corresponds to props in the real world. My issue is that I can’t align the Unreal world with the physical. It’s easy to do in the “VR Mode” in the editor, but when I launch the game it’s extremely tricky to align the headset and the player start. Anybody got some tips?

Get the player start position in the world and offset the headset position using the player start position on Event Begin Play, so as soon as you start the alignment will be done.

Alternatively don’t use a Player Start, but rather in your character/pawn, use Auto Possess “Player0”, so that you can manually place a reference in the real world with the reference in VR, so that every time you hit play, you start at the exact spot in your real world, so that you’ll be aligned in VR.

Thanks, but I’m still confused. It all depends on the exact position of the headset when I press play. Maybe its possible to use the location of the sensors or the controllers as “anchors” somehow.

Try this:

  • Have your player stand in the starting position of the physical room, facing toward the reference direction
  • Issue a Reset Orientation and Position based on a Re-center input event (this can be done for example by pressing both thumbsticks at the same time or another key combination)
  • Teleport the VR Pawn in the starting location of the virtual room (you can use blueprint with a scene component for that or another marker) and rotate it to look toward the reference direction
    This should give you a match between the location and rotation in the physical room and the location and rotation in the virtual room.