World Aligned / World Scaled Decals?

Hey guys,

I’m wanting to use a decal to blend between my terrain, and objects placed in it. I’ve set my decals to use the WorldAlignedTexture node for everything but the alpha, so that I can scale my decal’s alpha shape however I want it, and keep the terrain texture that I’m blending in scaled correctly.

For some reason, the WorldAlignedTexture node seems to force decals into projecting textures only on one axis. If I switch the output to XYZ, is locks the projection to Z axis, and anything else will be skewed, regardless of the decal actors projection angle within the project.

I’d like to keep the normal projection functionality of decals, so that I can get angles without skewing, and I’d like the have the texture scale independently of the placed decal actors scaling.
If there is another node that can achieve this, or some way to make it work with the WorldAlignedTexture node, I’d love to know!

I’ve attached some example images below.