World Aligned Textures error when change Level

Hi all! Im making some level and change levels tests and i have a extrange problem. Im using a World Aligned Texture for my floor and there is not problem in unreal editor or when i packaging and use the .exe throwing directly the main level, but when i need to press a widget button to load the level with OpenLevel, the world aligned texture seems yellow. Basically;
-Package and use .exe with only main level (without pass throught OpenLevel), material works fine.
-Package and use .exe with menu level who launchs main level, material seems to be yellow.
In editor view, all its ok.
I cheked level blueprints and projects settins but it seems all ok.

It wasn’t happen with materials without World Align textures. If I use world align, yellow appears again.

I have got the (Base) Content folder. It contains the MainMenu widget which opens my level with OpenLevel via Blueprint. And I have got 2 Plugins, PluginA and MapPlugin. PluginA contains the materials and textures of the floor, and the MapPlugin contains the meshes of the floor (This meshes get the reference of the materials and textures of the PluginA).

I need to have plugins mandatory.

any idea?