World aligned texturemask?

im using world aligned texture for some of my meshes and i need to use mask for metallic and roughness node, but i have absolutely no idea how to connect it with world aligned texture and normal so it stays aligned with each other.
I can’t use mask as a texture sample and connect it to lerp, because it won’t be aligned with with texture and normal. I cant use mask as a texture object and through worldalignedtexture connect it to lerp’s alpha node because it does not have a alpha node. :frowning:

Please help.


You are using the R channel of your texture, not the Alpha, so you’re good. Just use the texture through a World Aligned Texture node, and on the XYZ output, place a ComponentMask node, and only check the R channel. Then use that to drive the Lerp alpha.


OMG… i knew it… i just…forgot about componenmask…

Thanks kirk.clawson !