[Works] [Question] - Play replicated animation from a Widget OnButtonPressed

Hi everyone!

I am recently working on some project to learn the Multiplayer and Networking related stuff but let’s keep it straight

I am able to play a Montage replicated to everyone, it took me good 3h to figure out how to set it up but seriously I think that it’s probably not the best approach I took to make it work

To specify - HUD Class spawns and references widgets, button click invokes the workflow

Also here a screenshot of the whole workflow and before that a direct question:
Is it okay to do it like that, is that a proper way of performing such action and if not - how to make it more efficient/better/shorter? (that’s more than one question, I know :P)
Also don’t mind the description, I wrote it for a message on my Discord to explain how I achieved my goal