working with grass and landscape tool


I have two questions.

The first is I want to know if there is a way to turn certain parts of my landscape mesh into an actual landscape material
(the grass textures shown below).

I have heard about making the mesh into a height map but the info i have found online is not useful ore does not work for me.
I know also that you can create a landscape and then apply a landscape grass type but i have shapes that are not square.

My second questions is how to I get the grass (when applied with the landscape grass type or when painted) to have a hard edge. When i try both ways the grass bleeds beyond the boundary that I want and to remove it removes grass that i want to keep.

Is there a boundary restriction setting of some sort?
Otherwise is there a blueprint anyone is aware of that paints grass to a hard edge.
I have found this example which is done by rabellogp who has done exactly what I want but I have not been able to make contact with him yet.

I am just an amateur at UE4 for if you could explain this in a simplistic way that would be great.


Hey guys,

hoping I can get an answer from this so I am getting this back out there? I would love an answer to this as I am sure many others would too.

If anyone knows any way to do this or an alternative way to generate grass to a sharp corner like the example above that would be great.

Thanks. Hope to hear from you all soon!

I’m also interested in this…

Having exactly the same issue.

1st question, does that mean when you have a mesh, you want to ‘grow’ grass all over that mesh only?

2nd question.
Oh well, i did encounter with this issue also. But my workaround was to get foliage asset that is in smaller chunk (so not in a big cluster).

The smaller the asset, the smaller edge i can get (pretty much simple logic yeah?)
But yes, it’s interesting if i absolutely unable to get smaller chunk of grass, what would be the workaround?

Or maybe, export the asset to FBX, import it in 3d application, delete some chunks off from it, the reimport it to UE4?

I’m absolutely not a pro in foliage, so i’m just sharing my workaround here. (Hell, i might even misunderstood your question, if i was, then i’m sorry!)

I was thinking perhaps one could use an opacity map or mask based on the surface to cull the offending grass chunks or at least use said mask/opacity map to “trim” the edges. Unfortunately I am so new to Unreal I just woudn’t know how to do it.

My other idea is to use parallax occlusion on the base surface to simulate grass around the edges and to help mask the patchy look. Then delete the foliage that is overlapping the edges.

First idea would be best though imo.

Any luck?