Working title: The locked Room

Oh yeah baby, I finally have something to show.

UE4 is an amazing engine, & the community is fantastic. I have got UE4 for a little over a month. While I still a long way to go, & many topics yet to be covered, I manage to find time to work a little bit on my game.

A little bit about my game. Its an adventure game. At the beginning of the year, I played an Indie title called ‘Gone Home’, after hearing many good things about it. Its a very nice game, but as I played, I can’t help but tell myself, I think I can make a similar scale game, & so I started my journey to be a game developer. In all, the game is inspired by old school adventure games, the classic flash game called Crimson room, & of course gone home.

It will have 3 main focuses, storytelling, puzzle solving, & exploration. Its not a big area, mainly taking place in a house in a wood, & the surrounding wood. It will however be dense,in terms of interactions & contents per game square foot.

Latest Post. In case you are lazy to go to last post.

Some WIP & concept of my Protagonist Alice Brighton from Birmingham. She will only be visible in cutscene.

Superb so far starseeker! This is looking great and in only a month. Keep up the awesome work and be sure to keep us updated as you progress along in the development of your project!

Heh. That character reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence. Nice work.

Thanks for the encouragement & kind words. :slight_smile:

Wow ! i like it ! Thanks for the kind words too and show us more as soon as you can.

The Coverfield camera shake was’t intended, some conversion error by Youtube. I see if I can resubmitted.

Edit: I upload a better version. The shaky cam turned out to be I accidently clicked ‘stablise’ option.

Looking really good so far keep up the good work

Looking great man ! I Absolutly loved Gone Home so ill for sure keep my eye on this one!

Wow nice dude!
looking forward to see more of ur work :smiley:

Is this all made in unreal? or did u use a other 3d program like blender for all the small objects?

I loved gone home and i’m sure i’ll love this one too.

I’m minding on what kind of game i want to do. I want to make probably a graphic adventure but i’m looking forward to a more sick and disturbing scenario.
I’m just a little stucked thinking on if want to see the hands of the character or not lol

Btw i’m looking forward for see more of your work :smiley:

Hello everyone, its been a long time since I last posted,

here is my latest video. I know quality is bad, but I make do with the tools I have, but I will get proper video capture, a microphone for commentary in video, & a decent video editor soon.

The lens fare is pretty bad, but I just can’t get rid of them. Any help will be welcomed.

Sorry for the very late reply. Thanks. I just made a small update. See my latest video posted.

Thanks, & sorry for the late reply. I made some progress, & more progress coming soon!

Thanks alot. Sorry for the late replay, I was away for a long time due to personal reasons, but I am back with a bang. Haha!

You will need a 3D program, no 2 way about it. I use Modo & Zbrush mainly.

I will be using slideshow style cut-scenes. Here is quick sketch I did a while ago.
In the real cutscenes the text will not be shown at once. It will be similar to a interactive comic book.

Final style will be cmoic style similar to this fanart witcher 3 wallpaper I created. I am going for a style that looks decent while being not too time consuming. Making fine 2D art is out of the question.

Ignore flat lightnings, proper lightnings will be done next week. I just finish adding the walkway. Planning actually took me as much time & construction.

Stairway is build modularly.

Some screen shot. This is what I give up playing Fallout 4 last week for. (Fallout disk still in the box, with platistic wrap)

Lighting the scene is a pain in the backside, but I am gettign better, At least finally got rid of the in your face lens flares & bloom.