Working on material (instances) - What are the two checkboxes for?

I currently try to dive a bit deeper into materials and material instances. There I came across this pattern:

I assume one is the default/state of the parent material (instance), the other (the right one) is the setting of the material instance I am looking at… But what effect does it have is one is set and the other not?

Any short description or link to a good tutorial / documentation would be much appreciated.

The left checkbox just lets you change the setting, the right one can then be turned on or off.

In this case, the default is on. Once you’ve enabled this line ( by clicking the left box ), you can turn the setting off.

I’m just saying how it works… :wink:

But what would be the difference between not turning something on at all (right box not checked) and turning it on (right box checked) but change the setting (left box) to off again? :smiley:

hey syrill,
this works exactly the same as #ClockWorkOcean explains. you can understand the left check box as a reset button. if it is on it use your given value and if it is off it uses its default value given in its parent.

Think of the left checkbox as an override:

  • Left: Do you want to override parent defaults?
  • Right: Override with what.

Nothing stops you from overriding with the default value. Which would be, indeed, pointless.