Working normally-Next day: crash on launch

Hello, I was working on UE4 normally, and the next day when I launched it, it was wrong, and crashed. I don’t know what to do. Thank you.

Sorry for my English.
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Were there any code changes that involved using containers that you were working on, or was all your work done in the editor alone, were you using blueprints?

Have you tried debugging your blueprint to see when the crash occurs?

Can you post some screen shots of your blueprint that most recently changed before the crash.

Have you tried any process of elimination yet?

Could potentially be a shader problem perhaps, from looking at the logs, I see AOOB exception being through from Array.h potentially trickled from something done in a shader that you were working on?

Anyone can help me?

The last night it worked, I was making a room in 3ds max: just a box with the box colliders, and then I imported it to UE4. I was making a house, and I was adding the bedroom.

I was using blueprintsto turn on a lamp, to change the furniture colour of the kitchen and then to play a matinee. I was trying to make a blueprint to play the matinee when you were near to a TV.

I tried to reinstall the programm and I have deleted the files of my project, which I was woking in,I saved it on a USB disk.

Sorry, I didn’t understand that. It’s so strange. The last time it worked, I was working on the import of a static mesh, and adding the materials to it, no more. Before, the lights, blueprints, materials… worked normally.

I think you have an issue with one or many of the materials that were defined in your project, I would need more information from you. Please post screen shots of what you were doing so that others can help you out.

That seems to be the culprit

I try to run it with the debug mode,but it loads until 80% and then it crashes. And I don’t have any files, the library is empty.

If you are running in debug, the code should break at the assertion. you could comment out that assertion so that the code will run past - it would run past in release mode anyway - to get the editor back running, then try to determine where your blueprint problem was.

You could also inspect up the call stack and check and see what specifically is not getting properly populated.

You could also start removing blueprints one by one until you find the one that is giving you the crash. If you were only working with blueprints, it does look like you have an issue with one of your materials. You might want to start there.

This might be able to help you out to reset the map so at least it doesnt load up first.

I tried that and nothing. I can`t launch the programm, always it loads untill 79%

I found this imagen of my project.

It doesn’t work. I have 4 bluerprints, two of them:

Can you go to the Project Folder in Windows and delete the Saved and Intermediate (and Derived Data Cache, if there is one) Sub-Folders and then try to reopen and add your material again?

If I install the 4.9 UE4, will the problem persist?