Working in 8 textures, htf

I’m trying to make a pretty decent looking game for Android. Seems I cant load my “landscape” because I am over textures.

Been doing everything I can find to optimize. Channel pack, Shared wrap, reducing texture size (geez these things all came in 2048!)

Yet i’m still way OVER. The landscape has 6 total.
There is still all the objects…ugh.


(Darkness rising from google Play)

Yet there are things like this out there. How do you manage that in 8 textures? How do you get all these things together and to successfully load when it uses so much just to get rock to look like rock?

Or am I missing something and I’m just wrong in setting up the layers for this material wrong? Everything else seems to load just fine.


They all basically look like this:

(um…old pic, i’ve done everything as fully rough now, so removed the constants, not that they use texture samples)