workflow large amount tiles in world composition and Procedural Foliage

I am facing a serious issue here…just tried the world composition tools and I have been able to load 64 tiles and walk on al these tiles. Works great!
So,…but what is the workflow to add a Procedural Foliage to each tile?
I know how this tool works, but don’t know how to auto add these volumes to each tile.
I rather don’t walk to each tile.

Best regards! Tom

NO idea, but I"m wondering what tool you used to bring in those tiles.
keep hoping something other than wm can do it, its not free for ‘tiled’ terrain ( or at least affordable for all). More companies should adopt epics pay on your success.


Heey, i used the pro version of wm to create the tiles. But UE4 contains a feature called world composition to import all these tiles and auto load those based upon position of your character. Stil need wm to do build the tileset in the first place. Yes, it costs a bit of money, but it saves me a lot of time here. A free solution is to write a javascript for photoshop and split up a large map into smaller ones. That is how i basically split up a 30k psb file into 200chunks each of 2048pixels.
Hope this helps!

PS already can do this, you choose how many , hor. and vert. I think, and then choose the resolution , as I recall anyway.

Gimp has something similar, though I"ve not tried them yet, I just know about these wanting to be prepared for when I need it.