Workaround for my global illumination problem?


I am learning UE4 mainly for interactive archviz. I recently discovered a limitation with baking the scene lighting on my moving doors and windows. I usually set up a scene with bright lighing and white materials on everything so I can judje lighting and rendering quality before texturing my rooms. Under bright lighting conditions I do not notice much of a difference in a white material assigned to the static objects like walls and door and window frames, but in order for the doors and windows to be movable, I obviously lose the baked in GI…which becomes very noticable when I try to use colored or mood lighing in my scene. For instance the walls and door frames will be a lovely pink golden shade in the GI bake, but the movable door is rigidly white and looks a bit silly even when all objects have the same material applied.

I tried setting the doors and windows to be static so that they get the bake, which works, and after this set them to movable again so they interact with my “player”, but the bake immediately disappears. Is there a way to use this woraround and keep the baked lighting? It would be fine on a door or window to keep the baked GI as it moves very little from its origin, and would surely look better than no bake at all. Perhaps this could could be a feature request?

How do other artists get around this problem?

Ever since the volumetric lightmap update in 4.18, I haven’t had issues with moveable assets not matching the static assets in the scene.

Just have to make sure there’s a lightmass character Indirect Detail volume around the scene so there’s enough samples.

Try this flag on your movable door object.

Hi, not seeing this option on my movable door in my door blueprint. Im using 4.23.0, am I looking in the wrong place?