Work with BSP brushes in BP

Hey there,

I’ve tried to toggle the visibility of some of my BSP subtractive brushes, because I want to randomly make entrances and exits visible.But unfortunately, it seems that it is not possible to toggle the visibility. I can’t even move a BSP brush in BP. And if I would convert it to a mesh I wouldn’t be able to remove a subtractive brush.

Thanks in advance

Afraid you can’t spawn or move brushes at runtime and their visibility cannot be toggled. They are essentially fixed.

That will make it much more difficult. But thanks anyway

That wouldn’t work either, because I want to toggle them via blueprint, not in the editor. Then I would really have to convert them to meshes, but then I would have to move them excatly into the gaps and that is too much effort. But I have another idea to do this using static meshes. Thanks anyway

What I would suggest is to convert it to a mesh with the subtractive BSPs in it. Then create additive BSPs to fit into the gaps made by the subtractive BSP. Then simply toggle those new BSP’s visibility. But even then, I would convert those new additives to meshes and then do your visibility toggling. BSPs aren’t really for using in actual levels; They are more for quickly prototyping how you’d like something to look.

That’s my answer. I always forget to post it as an answer.

I mean that’s what I was getting at but I must be communicating poorly. Regardless, I’m glad you have another idea. Good luck with your project!

Thank you very much. But unfortunately, our team is so small that this is still quite complicated