wooden floor with individual bars

Hi guys,

I’ve created this floor in blender. I can colorize each bar with vert colors. I now want to assign each bar a slightly different wood texture to get a realistic looking floor.
All my attemps to do so failed :(. Can anyone help me?1db75ef803b86cc282caa2f6a7ff73f25eb8eb20.jpeg

Couldn’t you drive a series of lerps between a bunch of textures using vert colors? I’m not sure what the details of the node setup would be, but it seems possible. I feel like you’ve already done the hardest part.

Mhm thanks, ill give it a try tomorrow

That’s a really really bad way to construct a floor, just use a tileable wood floor texture, people won’t care or notice that it’s tiling, and if you really want to there’s ways to make some more variations.

4.13 has a material function I added called “Plank and Tile UVs” that can give you a pattern just like above without any meshes.

If you want to get your example working, you need to also have some clean planar UVs for the whole floor. Then you can look up the vertex color, mask it by RG components, then multiply by a scalar for “offset amount” and then add that value to the UVs before plugging into a texture. Then you will have random offsets of each texture within each plank.

here is what the plank and tile UV function can do:

The wooden floor inside of the “Starter Content” pack was made using that function but its not shown in that video. So it also makes tiling textures with macro patterns.

Dude…that material function is sweet. I bet a lot of people are going to enjoy that.

Wow, thanks a lot!!

Looking at your texture OP, the problem you have is blues in your UV texture. If you want to use it to crawl along a tillable texture you need to mask the blue channel out. So put the texture through a Mask (R G) then add it to TexCord and then plug it into the UV input of your tillable base color, spec, roughness and whatever else you’re using. But obviously not the normal map. :rolleyes:

I used to tinker with this type of thing around version 4.9. It’s definitely a very good way of making some quick and dirty textures.
As long as you keep it simple it makes a lot of sense to use it. On the other hand the more complexity you start adding to it the more it becomes meaningless and you might as well look at something like Substance Designer at that point.