Wooden Cottage

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to create a 3d model of this wooden cottage based on a 2D concept that was provided to me.
After I modeled this cottage, I decided to texture it and create a natural environment around it, And create this short animation.
I used megascans in Unreal for creating the environment, Maya for modeling and unwrapping the cottage and Unreal for creating the animation.
I hope you enjoy watching it.

The animation: ArtStation - Wooden Cottage

The 2D concept that was sent to me


Greetings @JVAD3D !

The quality of your work remains consistently exceptional! Thank you for including the 2D concept in your showcase. It lends credence to how spot on your 3D model is! I’m sure whomever asked you to create this model is beside themselves! The cat and the overgrowth were great touches to complete the look.

Did you find it less time-consuming to create a 3D model when you already have a sort of blueprint for how it’s supposed to appear?

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Hello @Get_DOVAH_it
Thanks for your reply.
Well,Honestly no. It was not less time consuming since haveing a 2D concept means you have to take care of all the dimensions and also make sure the 3D model matches the concept as much as possible.Therefore it was actually more time consuming for me in comparision to the projects where I am both the concept designer and 3D artist.

Also there was a poly limit for this projects (90K quads). It made it a little bit more time consuming too.


You’re most welcome!

Thank you for your honest reply. I guess I was thinking that since you didn’t have to create it based on a text description, it might have made things easier for you. I can definitely see how working within those limitations would make the project more time consuming.

It was certainly time well spent! :smiley:

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Yes,I enjoyed every minure of this project.
I guess I told you this in my last uploads that I am really in love with my job and enjoy every minute I spend working on a project.