Won't Join Session (LAN) With Multiple Computers

They successfully connect if being run on the same computer but when on separate computers people cannot join.

The host creates a map with “listen” in options, it does not create an error when attempting to find sessions, and the online subsystem stuff is handled in the engine ini file and the requirement stuff is handled in the build.cs file.

A guy said his wouldn’t work due to having virtual box installed but none of us have virtual box installed.

Strangely, it used to work perfectly a while ago but then suddenly stopped. I then changed the build.cs and now the host part works but not the join part :frowning:

Please please please help.

Why not use Steam and a server list?It’s easier and you can get the server list from the Shootout project

Do I have to pay for Steam?

In part yes,to publish the game using the Steam subsystem you have to pay 100 euros and get approved on Greenlight.

But using for debug it’s free