Wolrd Machine to UE4 using World Composition

Thanks glad I could help. As far as the mirror issue goes, I will have to try a reproduce it. What are your settings on export from world machine?

In all the time I’ve used world machine with UE I never noticed this! I guess my terrains are quite generic and mirroring wasn’t obvious.

Great tutorial, I’ve gotten my terrain to work but I was wondering how you would go about managing “background” terrain? I’d normally just put a low resolution version of the terrain on a mesh and use a color and normal map and have that draw on the persistent world, however this causes visible seems at the edges of where the high detail terrain meet the low detail terrain. In Unity I could use various shader draw order tricks and use a cheap alpha blending method, however this method does not appear to be available in UE4 so I’m a little stumped

Lots of options there.

  1. Create all the terrain you want to see and let UE’s CLOD handle it. That’s a fair whack of extra data though.

  2. Do something like Far Cry 4 and put fog between near and distant terrain.

Thanks for posting this!

I am a big fan of World Machine. Thanks for sharing such good info about getting this data into UE4!


In WorldMachine my settings are :

  • Size of overall terrain: 32km x 32km
  • General settings resolution : 1009x1009
  • Maximum elevation 3540m
  • Base Elevation -300m

In the Tiled build option tab the settings are

My heightmap is exported as RAW16, the weightmaps are exported as RAW, “participate when building tiled worlds” is checked for each of them.

Hope you have all the info you need, thanks for taking the time to have a look at this weird mirror issue…

I’m having the mirror options as well I can figure it out.

I have checked the setting over and over.

HAs anyone submitted this as a bug? It seems to be an issue with how Unreal is reading the files in. As in they are correct when viewed in photoshop. It is Unreal Engine that is doing the flipping on X Technically they are both wrong X and Y.

So basically this is completely broken and no one has noticed?

As a workaround would flipping them on X in photoshop before you import them in UE4 solve it? That is until it is fixed

In these days I have the same problem :frowning:

I made a simple UE4 export macro with all of the nodes if anyone wants it. Not at all a huge macro breakthrough or anyhting, but it does save about 5 minutes worth of work.

yep :slight_smile: thank you :wink:

Alright, once I finish work for the day, I’ll organize the outputs a bit better and then put it up on… github or google drive? somewhere. The WM people haven’t processed my account request so I can’t upload it there yet.

ok. thank you very much :wink:

Wow, this is great stuff. I’m gonna try this tonight.

Here’s my macro that will create weight-blended masks right out of World Machine.

Thank you so much. That’s really cool. I’ll check it out right now.

As promised, attached the .dev file to the post as a zip file.

There are news about the flipping problem? I can’t resolve it.

Thank you