Wobbly Reflections


I am trying to build a car scene using the materials from the McLaren demo. The problem is that my reflections turn out kind off wobbly and not accurately representing the environment. I am not sure if it is me capturing the reflections wrong (using sphere captures) or if it is some kind of setting I have missed.


The scene is being lit by a plane with a emissive material and that is what should depict as a bright plane in reflections


The reflections are captured by sphere captures layed out in a circular manner around the car


Go to mesh settings and turn Use accurate tangent basis ON. You may also need to go rendering settings and use high precision gbuffer normals. You may also want to increase resolution of scene captures. It also may cause visual problems that you are trying to blend multiple sharp captures which is always going to look odd and bit blurry. Highest quality SSR can also help with leaking.

Thank you very much!! The thing with accurate tangent basis solved the problem and i