WMR Turn On Controllers Character starts moving without touching any controls

Ok, so I have been working on the project of mine for a while. I have everything set up working basically perfectly. But the moment that I try to turn on my Motion Controllers my character starts moving around without me pushing on the sticks. But the moment that I change to an Xbox Controller all my problems go away. The issue I have with switching between them is I put work in on having an interactive Main Menu with Motion Controllers. The only way I could stop the random movement during the Main Menu “Level” was to make my character Static, which will not work when I enter my game to start moving around like normal. So, I do not know if maybe its because I am using Windows Mixed Reality Headset and Controllers, based on most of the plugins being beta. Or if I just need to check/uncheck a certain box somewhere in my Character BP’s or Motion Controller BP’s. Or maybe it is a Navigation Setting. Let me know what you would need to help with my cause.