Within the editor how do I add a component to the Lyra Player Controller?

I purchased a recoil pattern plugin from the marketplace. To enable it I have to add its component to my player controller, but searching through the Lyra code, I can’t find anything. Do I have to manually create one? And if so, how do I plug it into Lyra?

In this add maximum life tutorial, I apply a component directly in the player controller. Maybe help you.

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This is great thank you. Based on the question I think this answers the question, but not exactly what I was looking for. I want to be able to edit the PlayerController too. I will mark as resolved. Part of the instructions call for me to call functions at specific gameplay cue points


To edit the Player Controller you need to create a new Lyra Player Controller. It will have all the basic features.

Then you go to the Cotente folder and open B_LyraGameMode and add your new Player Controller.

To check if it’s working I went to B_HeroShooterMannequin and printed my PlayerController after the Character was owned.

And apparently the PlayerController has been replaced.