With lumen GI , mesh with cloth shading model flashing

I meet this problem when I’m trying to build a level with Megascans’s assets and UE5. I’ve put some nanite mesh in to this scene, some of these meshes are mossy , so i give them cloth shading model material. When I want to preview in Game mode(press G in editor), meshes with mossy material start flashing.
I’ve tried several command line, light mobility and material opacity and something else. When I disable lumen diffuse GI. This problem disappear. And with renderdoc , I think the problem was about Lumen GI.
But I can’t find a way to fix this problem. Does somebody know how to fix this problem, please?

I’ve check this scene just now , and I’m pretty sure this problem was fixed in UE5.0 release version.
I noticed that in UE5 release note mentioned that “Lumen now support subsurface shading mode”. And in this scene with odd glowing props , these props are using the cloth shading model. So I guess this problem was causing by the “subsurface shading model”.
Anyway , this problem was no longer exist.