Witcher 3 inspired portal

Hello everyone!

I got some requests to share this portal material / shader I worked on with some help from the community,


Download here:
I’ve attached the project download link on my twitter here

I’ll be making a lot more content over the coming year and sharing / uploading to marketplace so please keep in touch over twitter if you’re into that!


The core of this shader is based in parallax occlusion, using a gradient texture we can define the parallax UVs and pixel depth offsets used to create the depth visual like so:


From here we add some noise multiplication (based on Luos implementation) to the “flames” texture I made in photoshop using the smudge brush on the original gradient:


I personally subtract the noise from the colour I choose for the flames, and apply the parralax UVs to the flames texture, but you can probably come up with a better solution for creating the animation on those (i wanted to use a flow map to make it wisp and wave - but couldn’t use refraction in the shader):


My shader is unlit opaque. And has these settings in the instance:


You’ll find all these in the project I uploaded, let me know your use case excited to see what people do. Thanks to those who helped me out here, namely Luos and Jan!

Improvements and Implementation!

So, this is made using parallax nodes in the material. I then went on to use the depth visuals from that to draw some cool effects which are literally just drawn onto a meshes UVs. I wanted to flow map them but got advised to just do some noise textures on it to make it appear like flames, thanks to Luos and his texturesthere (from the original witcher 3 portals when you’re questing with Kiera).

I’d really like to improve this shader, so if anyone does download it and iterates on it, and you feel like helping me out with Pantheon effects, please let me know how this can be improved! Plus anyone who downloads it in the future will have a better version! Awesome!

My first idea is how to mix this with the shader that I saw on Jan Kaluza and Chris Murphys Twitter post:C9drCO6W0AIwRwq.jpg

Hope you guys enjoy!

Looks pretty cool!

Nice one renn

look realy awesome

Looks awesome!!Mark

Download link is not working :frowning: