Wishlist Now Live

Wait. Is that image real? How did you get more than 50 items in the wishlist?

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They are indeed real!

You have to add the items all manually at the exact same time to push past 50 & it doesn’t work in the launcher, web browser only.

This will likely get fixed soon, hopefully the Wishlist Limit is increased shortly after!

** A blueprint to convert Unity scenes (I know there is one on github, but maybe there is one that is easier and less time-consuming) (In Unity, remove lights, shaders and colliders/In Unreal convert materials to blueprint and add shaders, make sure to save all files)

** Add a few interiors to various scenes make the scenes a bit more interactive (places to “hide”, merchants, player hangout, etc) Many street scenes don’t have interiors. One or two small unfurnished rooms would be nice.
** Most Sci-Fi assets do not include living quarters.

** A way to archive assets from our Vault
** A way to mark favorites or assets we want to use with every project
** A way we can search our Vault
** Add more space to the wishlist

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Can you please add an option to see updated assets in the Unreal Launcher. I have over 1000 assets and it is a nightmare to update everything, except the plugins. Can you add a simple filter which will show the updated assets.

Kind regards

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I’ve just added to over the 50 no. limit on the Epic Marketplace Wishlist, Is this new and improved? I couldn’t find any anouncement.