Wishlist Now Live

I meet the same problem time to time: I see my Wishlist in https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace , but can’t see in Launcher.

Only solution to fix it (for me):

  1. Log Out.
  2. Close Launcher.
  3. Delete “EpicGamesLauncher” from Task Manager->Background processes.
  4. Start Launcher.
  5. Login.

But, dear Epics, you must fix that problem definitely!

Having no pricing in the wishlist is definitely going to affect sales negatively…plus nobody is going to spend 10x the time to see if there items are on sale yet…especially when that time needs to be used for developing.

Please fix this…back to the way it was!!!


Did you push some changes to the wishlist in the last couple of days? I cannot see the prices of the items I wishlisted anymore. This was really useful to see if any of my wishlist items are currently on sale…


Please add the pricing back to the wishlist. Without it, it’s pointless as we can no longer see if those items are on sale.


Looking at the features described back in Nov’ 2020…the 5th item down the list states that the price of both regular and discounted will be displayed in the wishlist.

Again, this is an important feature for many people that use the list.

Thanks for correcting the issue!!!

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Wishlist prices appear to be fixed.

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I see them also :slight_smile:

WTB more than 50 wishlist slots.

Once again, the prices are gone …

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I second this…

I am not seeing the wishlist prices (and haven’t for a number of days) and sorting doesn’t work. Bad time for wishlists not to be working heading up to the holiday season.

@Unreal_Josh everyone is again complaining about no prices in the ‘wish list’ section. Not sure why this keeps happening but it’s definitley not the best time of the year for this to be happening!!! Expecting a fix to this again!!

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The same issue keeps popping up again and again, and the Marketplace team is as silent as ever.

Any plans to update the amount of items that can be added to the wishlist?.. I started making mine yesterday & all 50 slots are taken up already… That’s just not enough slots to create a proper list… Not sure why it wasn’t Unlimited from the start. If this has already been addressed somewhere, that’s ok… I just wanted to mention the limitation here… Thanks

We need more Items on the Wishlist. 50 is a limit you placed for Marketing metrics so the sellers know what items would be bought in theory but this doesn’t work. I and most people mostly buy items on sale. A wishlist is our way of seeing what items go on sale (This is the case on Steam) currently I’m using a word document instead of your Wishlist because of this. Putting your Metrics above your customer’s experience is a bad business practice. I will browse your Marketplace less and have less reason to come back because I can’t keep an eye on all the things I want. Really disappointing.

Unfortunately, the same bug has been introduced a few times when other Epic releases have been made. When we’re aware of it, we report it, and work with the dev team to get it fixed as soon as possible. I agree it’s certainly inconvenient, especially when we have a big sale running.

Updating the number of products that can be added to the wishlist remains a feature request we’ve asked for, and remains on the backlog. We also want to allow for notifications when items go on sale. That hasn’t changed, the dev team that works on marketplace features just hasn’t gotten to it yet.

50 items was a limitation during the first implementation of the system, and has nothing to do with a marketing metrics strategy.

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Sorry but we’re all devs here, do you expect us to believe that a billion dollar company like Epic games is not able to implement more than 50 items on a Wishlist because of a “system limitation” even after several years? Sorry but I don’t buy this, you’re telling me you can develop the Unreal Engine but having 51 items on a wishlist is beyond your capabilities?

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Please expand the marketplace wishlist, 50 just isn’t enough.

I agree. As someone that’s bought lots of assets, I would buy a lot more if I could keep track of assets in my wishlist, but 50 isn’t near enough. 200 would be a decent amount.

Technically possible already, a bit of a pain adding items past 50 though (^: