Wireless Location Tracking VR with UE4 & Leap Motion

Wireless location tracking without camera tracking system - Wireless Leap Motion
requirement tools: pc - smartphone android/ios - google cardboard/samsung gear vr/any mobile vr headset - leap motion - my apps

Have you figured out an elegant solution for artificial locomotion with leap motion?

location tracking by mobile device (unlimited space)
hand tracking by using leap motion with mobile device wireless connection

So, are you using the GPS of the phone to track position and then translate that to movement in VR? Are you getting 1:1 movement with good precision? What happens if there is an obstacle (car, building, river, lake) blocking your path in the real world but nothing is blocking you in the virtual world?

I’d also like to know a bit more about what’s happening in this setup. GPS is likely impossible because of the accuracy limitations, though there have been centimeter-level experiments.

no, my project is interior and Mobile GPS signals is very poor.
i’m using mixed Mobile sensors that are scalable. (scale real world and virtual world)

Hey @vahid1991 this is really incredible! Is there any way we can try it out?

EDIT: Specifically, I’d like to know more about your adapter and project.

This can makes lots of changes in tech world my friend . but you need to produce industrial samples as soon as possible . congratz

Hi [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]
I’m looking for sponsors to product commercialization … If you have any question of my project, I will send more videos.

Awesome! I totally understand. It seems like leap motion has taken a look at your project, so hopefully something cool will come of that :slight_smile:

Any update from this project ?
Looks great