Wireframe mode - purple color?

Hi all, i have a simple question, but i have looked all over the internet and not found an answer. I am in UE5, and i have a fairly complex scene with many objects. when i change to wireframe mode, almost all the objects are shown with teal colored wireframes. Skeletal meshes are shown with white wireframes. Collision meshes are in blue. That’s all good. But certain objects in my scene are shown with purple wireframes and I am trying to find out what that signifies. When i search online, all the answers are related to changing the default wireframe color and nothing answers this basic question. can anyone fill me in?


that seems strange, since the items showing in that color are : a toilet that is nothing but an imported FBX with no blueprint associated with it (that i know of) and a generated bit of geometry created in the modelling section when i used one mesh to cut another. I’ve included a screenshot to show what i mean :

*** edit, i figured it out myself - it wasn’t blueprints. the different color signified that it was set to ne a movable mesh not a static.