Wireframe material

Is there any way to create a material which will only draw the edges of a mesh, so as to create a [glowing wireframe effect?][1]

I’m currently using a workaround which involves using two meshes and applying different materials to each one. It looks like this:

It sort of works, but I know it’s not the best solution. It also doesn’t allow me to apply the effect to terrain or brushes.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?



You have a wireframe option in the material, but it will literally draw every triangle, and not just squares. The effect above on the terrain is really easily achievable by sampling a texture over the terrain and tile it so it alligns with the polygonal squares. You can put the square texture in a Lerp node as an alpha and than interpolate between white (1) and the color of your terrain.

Is this what you want to achieve?

Second link to the picture: https://imageshack.com/i/ezKL3Di6p

Thanks for your answer. I had a feeling that the wireframe option existed somewhere but had trouble finding it earlier, so thanks. I shall look into the other method and see what results I can get.

Thanks for the example! I’ll have a closer look at this in the morning (it’s 3am here at the moment :D). It looks like what I’m after though, so I’ll mark this as answered.

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Maybe this could interesting for you.