Wireframe Material without showing tris

Hi all,

I want to create a wireframe material and apply to multiple objects.
The “Wireframe” tick box on the material will also show the tris as well.

I know everything is essentially a triangle anyway, but is there a way to only show the original topology that you exported from 3Ds Max/Maya?
Or at least a method to only show the quads?

When imported to UE4 the original topology no longer exists

Ok what if I was to convert the models to splines.
Could I then bring splines to UE4 and give them a glow/self-illuminated effect? Or would they have to be 3d geometry?

you could unitize your uv’s and then assign a border type texture to your opacity mask channel

I don’t think you can import or render splines in UE4.
you’d probably have to do like what mserena suggests and map something like a border texture to each polygon in your 3D program, the only issue is that the border would stretch depending on the size of the polygon so you wouldn’t have a uniform and sharp thickness to the wireframe.