Wireframe color


This wireframe color is basically making it useless as it’s hard to see what’s going on.
Is there anyway I can change that?

Anybody? :slight_smile:

Can’t help sadly, but I’d love to know as well. For the world wireframe view, there is a cvar and editor option, so maybe it’s possible for the mesh editor as well.

bump - how to change the wireframe color.
And is there an option to show lit + wireframe?

I’m also curious where we could change this… bumping thread :slight_smile:

bump - lol @ no way to change wireframe color

Personally wondering about how to change color in Grid Views:

Clearly brushes have different colors -

Purple/bluish = Additive
Orange = Subtractive

Would love to be able to change the color for SUB FOLDERS in the World Outliner - Also, what OP wants