[WIP] Zombie Game with Virtual Reality + Leap Motion

Dan and I have been working on building a really quick and simple zombie shooter game. You’re a wizard who can cast fireballs. It is midnight and restless zombies are emerging from the graves to eat your brains. You have to survive until morning!

This is all really just a flimsy pretext to use virtual reality (Oculus Rift) and Leap Motion to throw fireballs at something interesting. We’re trying to figure out the best way to “throw” things using leap motion before we dive in and implement it for our primary game.

This is the standard mouse and keyboard with typical monitor setup

This is an early version of the game with the leap motion hand. The hand is open because it displays better than a blob of circles.

This is the VR view of the game with leap motion.

We’ll be releasing it in a few weeks.

Ill be keeping an eye on this, reminds me of an arcade shooter.

Hmm, we’re still working on this. Getting a lot closer to release.

I got the AI to work really well with the behavior trees; Fireballs charge up the longer you hold them; Got zombies to explode into flaming gibs when they get hit by a super charged fireball; Our custom wizard character skelmesh now follows your hand gestures; The main menu UI is still a WIP;


Standard: (Mouse, keyboard, monitor, optional: Leap Motion)

VR: (Mouse, Keyboard, Leap Motion, Oculus Rift)

NICE!!! I like the premise too. Keep the vids rolling in.

Do you have title?

How about…


Hmm, interesting title. I like the direction it’s going. I was thinking I’d try to name the game after some narrative element. Here’s the gameplay and narrative description I’ve got:

Intriguing. I like the action. Perhaps a text-based narrative in the grave stones, click/touch the tombstones and pages of the story unfold. I like Giant Zombie Eating Ghoul at the end… tops it off!

again zombies? i’m out

Why even bother commenting then?

@slayemin, will it be a rail shooter type game? This cry’s out for arcade shooter style.

becouse i can :rolleyes:

Can’t please everyone… I’m okay with that. The zombies have mostly just been cannon fodder for playing with gesture based spells and to give a small sense of urgency.

I’m still trying to figure out a natural way to move around the world without having to move your hands to the mouse and keyboard. I’d like to be able to move your character using just your hands, but I’m a bit creatively stuck on the best way to give players control over their movement while also letting them look around and cast spells at the same time. Here are some ideas I’ve been thinking of:

half decent ideas:

  1. You’re riding a horse. To steer the horse, you pull on his reigns. Very similar to the way the “sleepy hollow” game does it. The horse has some rudimentary AI so he’ll try to avoid zombies a bit but also tries to go where you steer him. This would mean that we’d have to create horse riding game play and doesn’t make sense when you’re in the wizard tower.
  2. You’re on a levitating magic carpet. You direct the carpet where to go by rotating a directional globe. The globe could be sold as being “magical”.
  3. You use your head movements to move. Tilt your head left or right to rotate body orientation, pump your fists up and down to run forward (hey, you’re running!). Just need to play “choo! choo! chugga-chugga-chugga” sounds with each fist pump…

stupider ideas:

  1. You have to point your index finger in the direction you want to turn and travel.
  2. you can cast teleporting spells (is this disorienting in VR? doesn’t fix the body rotation problem)

lame ideas:

  1. You have to move your character with the left hand on the keyboard using the standard WASD controls and “Q” and “E” to rotate your body. Your right can can still be used for spell casting.
  2. Forget about Leap Motion, it’s not responsive enough in UE4. At least for precision and spell casting. It’d be okay for opening drawers, pulling levers, or something to that effect.

Ridiculous ideas:

  1. You’re in a wheel chair. A wizard. In a wheel chair. In a zombie infested graveyard. You steer with a little virtual joystick. (This could lead to other creative solutions, which is why I mention it)

change the color to white and make them white walkers lol

We’ve been busy. We’ve added a bunch of additional spells, wrote out a sweet narrative, created different ways to interact with different spells by using your hands, and made spells combo with each other (ie, fireball + tar = fire wall)

I know the video isn’t very good, but here is a quick tech demo of our “Cone of Cold” spell and our “Fireball” spell. We came up with a way to do spell switching without having to move your hands back to your controller. Just look down, look at the spell element orb, then look back up. Tada!


Some narrative placeholder content for my interactive objects system. Here, I’ve got a parchment which contains text. By interacting with the parchment, it comes up into a comfortable reading range for VR and it self-illuminates, making reading easier in dark environments.

One thing which was interesting is playing with the font size, content length, and parchment distance from the eyes within VR to maximize comfort and readability.


Looks really cool! Frost spell is great, Oculus Rift Sub-Zero :slight_smile: I have an Oculus Rift and would love to test your demo when it’s ready.

Hi resolution game play video (11 minutes):

Our Steam Greenlight campaign has started this afternoon! Check it out here:

Looking back at my first post, it’s been quite a remarkable journey so far :slight_smile:

i hope i buy Oculus Rift and leap some day, your game looks cool
voted for you BTW :smiley: