[WIP] Warriors of Hidrin [!] Big Introduction [!]

Hi all my name is Luka and this is my first big project i ever made in my life as i know working on 3Ds Max and PS and waiting for my pen tablet for working with Zbrush anyway i working alone on this project and i am looking for help everywhere when i get stuck :slight_smile: this project is on Unity 3D but i am not so happy with it i trying to get in to UE i love hes potential and workflow and the render OMG <3 love it so i wont to go on UE and see how will it work anyway i dont know NOTHING on c+ or c++ anyway i dont know to script i work on visual scripting that i have on Unity its from asset store so made my life easy so i see the UE Blueprint visual scripting and say hmm lets see will i work on that much better. I hope this game will make my life easy as developer or creator i dont have any job and i will be daddy in couple of months so i have so much to lose on this one and this is my something like Dev story now xD ok i hope u will like my project i hope u guys will help me out a little and here i come :slight_smile:

Here are some sites where u can look on my game work


Hi everyone can some one lead me to some tutorials something like skyrim or witcher like type tutorial but in UE4 ?? i need some like this

1 Character AI making
2 Dialogue Making
3 Quest
4 Teleports
5 Mounts
6 Housing
7 Customize [Character, House, Weapon…]

all with blueprints i hope there is some ?

You can checkout my RPG Starter Kit on the marketplace: https://www.unrealengine.com/content/ac82395cf09c4bf0bd1474a24425656d

It’s basically there to give you a head start and then add your own stuff.

Well i was busy doing life stuff and did not have time to make my game so i am back and i testing the server up but other pics will come soon

some fixes on mine login screen