[ WIP Thread] - Low poly Weapons props [Released]

Hey guys!
im working on a new low poly pack for the ue4 marketplace, so idecided to create a WIP thread and share with you the development of the pack
The pack is going to be sell on The ue4 Marketplace (if they will accept it (: ) and on Sellfy.com for the price of $10$15

if you have any request for a specific weapon you want me to add, tell me in comments and i’ll probably add it!
I’ve finished the pack!
few weapons have been removed from few reasons but i did added other weapons and items.

Here is the selling thread: Low Poly Weapons Pack [For Sale] - Game Development - Unreal Engine Forums
You can find all the detailes in there.

The price of the pack is $9.99!

The pack is in review by the marketplace team and will be uploaded probably in a month from now
until then i’m selling the pack on the sellfy site.

I hope you guys will love the pack and thanks for following the procces of creating this pack.
Weapons that going to be in the pack:
Colt 1911- ready
Ak 47- ready
M1A1 Thompson- ready
Flintlock Pistol- ready
RPG-7- ready
Kar98k Rifle- ready
Beretta- ready
Glock 17- ready
Sawed-off Shotgun - ready
Musket- ready
MAC-10- ready
Hand Grenade- ready
Stun Grenade- ready
Smoke Grenade- ready
4 Bullets and bullet Shells- ready
Cannon- ready

Colt 1911-

Scroll down the thread to see other pictures of weapons from the pack
Every weapon model will come with an Ammo Magazine

My other packs:
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Low poly Nature: https://sellfy.com/p/KyM4/

Awesome, looking forward to seeing them all.

Thank you!

Ak 47 WIP


Ak 47 - Finished

looks nice, look forward to seeing the finished product

Thanks man!

M1A1 Thompson is ready

really well done, low polly but they look very nice

good job on those!

Thanks guys, im doing my best

Flintlock Pistol

Almost finished the RPG-7 Model

RPG-7 Is Finished

Kar98k Rifle

You have an idea for a weapon?, tell me and ill add it to the pack!

This is great, I have been looking for good low-poly weapon models for a while now. Is there any eta on the release (this year, or next)?
Weapons I would love to see are:

Kriss Vector (https://kriss-usa.com/rifles/short-barrel-rifles/vector-sbr-black)
HK417 (Heckler & Koch :: Product Overview | HK417 A2 - 13")
SMAW (Mk 153 Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon - Wikipedia)
M249 SAW (M249 light machine gun - Wikipedia)
VSS Vintorez (VSS Vintorez - Wikipedia) or the newer variant VKS (VKS sniper rifle - Wikipedia)

Also the newest AK version, the AK 15 (Kalashnikov AK-12 and AK-15 assault rifle (Russia) - Modern Firearms)
And maybe a sniper rifle, like the M24 (M24 Sniper Weapon System - Wikipedia)

Gonna subscribe to this thread, am really looking forward to see where this is going. :slight_smile:

Thanks mate!, i want to release it at the next 3\4 months.
and those are a really great weapons, for now im going to add the Kriss Vector, HK417, SMAW, VSS, M24 and maybe the new AK too, in the end i want to add as much weapons as possible so the pack will be equal the price ($10-$15 not so sure for now)
Thanks again mate you will not be sorry about it!

Finished the Berreta

All the existed Weapons until now

Cool, I am looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

I especially like how the RPG looks and that you made the rocket part independent of it. I think you should raise the price a bit if you add more weapons, like $ 20 - 25 (or more, if you animate them).
Will you make them be skeletal meshes?

PS: Are you interested in joining a game project? If yes, I will send you a PM in the next week or so, once I have a basic concept demo ready to show my general idea of it.

PPS: I saw your burger video on your twitter lol that made my day :smiley: