[ WIP Thread] - Low poly Weapons props [Released]

Thanks!, and yea the RPG is my favorite too, i dont want the price to be too much i want everyone to be able to buy it.
and im not sure i dont really good using sketal meshes.

im pretty busy at the moment but tell me more about the project if ill be interested in it i may join

LOL, yea just a little project ive made its was really fun to made
Thanks again

Yeah I understand your thought about the pricing, it’s probably a good way to do it.

And you could just import them as skeletal meshes into UE4, without manuall creating the skeletal mesh. That way we could create sockets on the guns, like for the muzzle, which is good to add the muzzlefire effects.
I don’t know if you can convert a static mesh into a skeletal mesh inside UE4.

Finished the Sawed-off Shotgun, and added 4 types of bullets Case + Bullet (there is going to be more)


MAC-10 Almost ready

wow I need all these great work !

Thank you very much :), i will probably will sell an updated early version of this pack to my Sellfy shop so if someone cant wait until the pack is finished and updated to the ue4 marketplace so you coudl just buy it there until its finished

The Grenades are finished!


I’ve finished the pack!
few weapons have been removed from few reasons but i did added other weapons and items.

Here is the selling thread: Low Poly Weapons Pack [For Sale] - Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums
You can find all the detailes in there.

The price of the pack is $9.99!

The pack is in review by the marketplace team and will be uploaded probably in a month from now
until then i’m selling the pack on the sellfy site.

I hope you guys will love the pack and thanks for following the procces of creating this pack.