[WIP] STAR WARS Escene The Emperor´s Throne

Detail of recreating the scene of the return of the jedi The Emperor´s Throne

gathering information from the scene:

Preparing material before starting unreal, it is important to creation of shadow maps


Woow! Very nice!
I hope you finish this :smiley:

Nice!!! Star Wars stuff!!! :smiley: I’m really looking forward to see the final result :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing the finished product. =)

Do Endor planet


@SirKlu, @L_A_L_I_90 , @SE_JonF
Many Thanks!

Looking AWESOME! Huge Star Wars fan myself, great work!

You have really nailed the sense of scale.

Coming along nicely, keep it up! =)

Thank you for your appreciations


Busted by Disney :(?

Is that the 3DS Max Greeble plugin for the nurnies?
If so, how have you gotten them to be lit so well? The UVs are so much work to do.

What is Disney? :slight_smile: is no comercial demo, only for tester UE4 and Oculus Rift

Trick: created and use a good image for texture 8192 px