[WIP] STAR WARS Escene The Emperor´s Throne

That’s a huge texture for them? Did you do an UV mapping? Thanks for the trick, I’ll have a play with it.

No, I think it’s the right size for a high image quality and the size of that maya, only the turrets are in 3d with their simulated shadow Polygono with opacity and dark color, I put some pictures so you can see the detail,

All models of the scene are UV mapping hand created , so we are taking so long



It’s shaping up really nice man. Regarding the 8k texture and the 3d turrets outside I’d make sure to light them in a correct way, meaning no skylight. Light naturally bounces in space just as much as it does on earth but there’s no atmosphere to light everything evenly and generate a lot more bounces. This tends to reduce the levels of AO and definitely cuts the blue color information in the shadowed areas. For the 8k texture elements I’d much rather do just a color pass at best and turn them either in a displacement map or at least a normal bump and get the shading dynamically from your sun. At best you can consider earth to cast some lighting as it reflects it.
All the best

You’re absolutely right, I did not know those things, I’ll talk to the team to see how we can implement your advice, thank you very much. Your comment is valuable