[WIP] Parallax Occlusion Mapped Impacts

Here is a semi-quick preview of a new asset pack i’m working on - Parallax Occlusion Mapped Impacts.

The footprints in the video are just a placeholder to test out and refine the materiel since they exaggerate the effect.

The final release will have 30-40 different impacts from Bullet Holes to Small Craters to Footprints.

This is cool! Would you be able to randomize the depth map values slightly so the same footprint isn’t displayed every step? Just so it looks like there’s variation in each step taken. Small details, but it would be neat!

Very cool! We used a similar principal for tree cutting impacts, only with displacement. POM is definitely the better choice for stuff that needs more detail though, like footprints. Nice work!

I’m sure you could achieve this with a blueprint to randomize depth in the material instance since the parameter is exposed.

Yes sorry, my word choice wasn’t great. I know how it’s done - I was suggesting you do that as an example of how to further customize the material as a selling point :slight_smile: