[WIP] Overwatch Map | Andalusia, Spain

I’m going to make an Overwatch map inspired by Andalusia, Spain together with my partner Héctor Gonzales. We decided Spain because it was not among the original maps of the video game, and the Analucía region because we believe that it is the most artistic and passionate.

1st Week - Blockings
We start with the blocking to create the map.


2nd Week
We have adjusted the blocking that we have made initial. Also, we started with the low poly of the weapon, the town hall and the first modular house.

In Maya

In Unreal

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3rd Week

This week has been modeling in low of the Houses and the City Council. Also, preparing the UVs.

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4th Week

We continue with the Low Poly models of the City Council and ending. We have started to put up the Modular Houses.

5 Week

Another week with the low poly. Adjusting the size of some interior assets and starting to give some colors to the environment. One of the hero assets was implemented and modified to make it comfortable for the player.

The houses were changed to Blueprint and some things about the landscape and the weapon were modified. Also, some codes were adjusted to make it look more orderly.

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6 Week

This week we start with low poly in the exterior of the level. In the square mainly and some benches. Adjusting the Cathedral and testing the texturing style of Overwatch.