WIP - Mars Staion - Destiny Fan Art

So Changing Gears a bit…the first High Res asset I am working on is in the destiny vien…
The Bad Ju Ju Exotic Pulse Rifle
the low res is almost done then itll be on to the high res
Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:


I made some progress really digging into some details on the gun during my stream today, check it out! I have started streaming my work on Twitch i am usually on 9-5 central time :slight_smile:

Today I started on the High Poly :slight_smile:

Did some more work on the High Poly :slight_smile:
check it out :slight_smile:

Wooo More High Poly Goodness!!!
as always let me know what yall think :smiley:

The textures on your assets look really professional. Any tips or resources you’ve used? I’d like to know your process as my texturing is my weakest point and I really like your work.

Keep posting updates. Although I don’t really comment, I do come back and check the progress.

@madmax12ca Thank you for the kind words,
So alot of the assets you see on mars like the Panels, tiles, metal tiles, girder damage, all those were made in Max. So created the shape I wanted then from there i was able to bake it down to get my AO and Normal maps. Then i imported them into unreal and tiled them. Then to get them on my buidings i would create material instances and use mask to apply the proper material to the desired Location.

^metal Paneling for the main building in the back

^Floor Tile for the walkway

^Girders for damage and underneath the walkways

^Metal panels for buildings and walkway ceiling

^This was the only one create solely in photo shop using some filters

^Subway Tiles for pillars and other structures

^This is the material i created from the metal panels Bake alot of really cool things in here, color control, tiling control, seam color stuff like that

So for Custom stuff like the Crate and the Skybox

^Hand Painted Skybox

^Crate albedo

^Crate Metalic

^Crate Roughness

^Crate Spec

^Node set up for the crate asset

^ a closer look at the material instance for that material :slight_smile:

This was a kinda high level overview of my workflow, if you have any more questions on specifics please feel free to ask :smiley:

Oh and @madmax12ca im usually streaming from 9 am ~ to 5 pm ~ central standard time if you want to swing by and ask some questions I would be more than happy to dive into detail there as well.

The Bad Ju Ju High Poly Nears completion wooo

Soo…I think the high poly is almost done…except the ammo counter…which i forgot to detail out…but I am going to rest my eyes and hopefully have a clean look on monday and wrap up the high  poly and proceed to tweaking the LP and UVing it

The High Poly is done!


Skull Sculpt :slight_smile:

Spine Sculpts and the low poly with the baked details :slight_smile:
the model comes in a bit over 19,000 ( 19,021) to be exact :slight_smile:

Your work is inspiring, keep it up!
This is an awful lot of work for fan art. Any further plans?

Hey thanks man!
Destiny has really inspired me, the art is soo gorgeous! Just trying to bolster my portfolio to hopefully land a job as an artist at a studio soon :smiley:
I am contemplating texturing the Bad Ju Ju…But I hear I need more High Poly assets…
So I was thinking on starting on this in the coming week

wasted many hours last year grinding this spot. :stuck_out_tongue: your scene has definitely improved and your work is indeed inspiring, can’t wait to see it finished!

hahah thanks man! I just love 3D modeling and game art…it has always been a dream of mine to create worlds that help to tell a story! I have worked in the simulation field for 5 years, but that just was not doing it for me. Which is why I started the Mars scene…if i cant make environments at work I am going to do it in my spare time. I definitely want to finish it I love where it is at…but i see a lot of room for improvement…I really want to push that piece so that everything is on a AAA level :slight_smile: But unfortunately I think the mars scene will be tabled until I land an industry job

Just having some fun :wink:

Quick texture pass on the gun with a quick material…but still cool to see it in scene :slight_smile:

The modell of the weapon and its normals looks extremely nice. Though sadly the texture on the last screenshot takes most of its detail away. I would suggest you to try to make the texture support the detailfeatures. Maybe a more corroded look’?

@gou oh i totally agree…the material does not support the detail in the maps
I also feel the darks are too dark
and the camera is out of focus :confused:
I also did some better renders of the gun check it out :slight_smile: