WIP - Mars Staion - Destiny Fan Art

Hey whats up guys! one of my friends suggest i post my progress on here so, here it is :slight_smile:
Comments critiques are totally welcome, let me know what you guys think!
WIP - 1 of a hand painted SkyDome
I think its a good start but i need to add more layers to it, but let me know what you guys think.


here are some shots of the environment




During my Lunch Break, I finished the UVs on my car, but i may have to tweak the mesh a bit some of the areas look a bit soft. I also started taking a closer look at the truck…and she needs some work, but let me know what you guys think also when you think martian space truck what if any attachments come to mind.

Hey it looks cool…there’s already a lot of work but i really feel like the scene is far from finished…i am not fan of the all orange look but perhaps it’s a matter of taste…at least more contrast in the lighting would be cool i think.
Your cars are cool :wink:

How many props did you do atm for the scene?

Perhaps, less ‘hero’ props and more modular props would help you a lot for filling some empty spaces…my two cents…

Keep up the nice work :wink:

@macoll Thank you so much for your time and your feedback, I totally agree there is alot of stuff for me to sink my teeth into. I see where you coming from with the overpowering orange lighting, in my next lighting pass I will push it toward a more balanced lighting scheme.

I have really attempted to take a modular approach to creating this world, all of the background props are modular props, but i feel i need some more to break up building diversity. I have also been really attempting to hit modular textures as well, with my textures being small in size most of them less than 512x512 and reusing them in different areas in the map.

I feel i am at the point where i need to be focusing on the filler props like plants, rocks, cars, cloth assets stuff like that.

Also here is the concept art i am using as reference,

It looks really good! A few things to critique.

The seam between the rocks and the sand needs some work. Having the sand texture applied on the rock where it intersects with the sand mesh would go a long way (look at the rocks in this image https://i.ytimg.com/vi/6S5KPQu2Q4s/maxresdefault.jpg)

Also, the car model’s seem to be in perfect condition, bang them up a bit! Make a few ‘banged up’ morph targets and randomly apply them when they are placed in the level, perhaps?

Overall, however, it looks really good!

Thank you for your time and feedback, I will have to figure out a fix for that, i have a few ideas :slight_smile:
I agree with the cars they do look factory show room new, adding some damage to the mesh would help me get mileage out of the prop for sure!
and thank you it is a fun project to work on :smiley:

Happy Monday!!!
Over the weekend i did a ton of work on my Mars Project, from implementing cloth, to uving assets and created a tileable material to tweaking the light and some particles. Break downs will be coming hopefully tonight, but let me know what you guys think.

As promised asset break downs/ asset sheet!
Let me know what you guys think

Good work on all the assets! Hows this project going? :slight_smile:

Hey its going really good, I got a bit of work in today, sorry for not being able to build the lighting…I keep running out of memory :frowning:
I’ll end up building the lighting on monday…but…
Here is what i was able to get done today,
-Sculpted sand
-Painted sand
-Started on Car shader (its not ready to show but you can see it in the first image)
As always let me know what you guys think!

Just a wee update wanted to show yall what it looked like with built lighting,
also i feel my lighting is going to change, since one of the goals of this project is to have a day night cycle.
but yeah here is the scene with built lighting!

Whats up guys, so during lunch I was able to create a car shader that now applies sand to the mesh based on wind direction and is scaleable :slight_smile:
I also have a daynight cycle workingish…i just need to be able to update my spherical reflection captures. But let me know what you guys think.

Happy Monday Guys!
I was not able to do a lot of work this weekend, I started doing some material refinement as well and getting a good base for my day night cycle. Still needs some work but its a good base, I also created 2 new materials in substance, concrete and rust.

^wip day night cylcle

I did a bit of work on my scene last night, added a trim material and a material for the ceiling of the structure, I may add a mask to show damaged paneling for the ceiling idk, what do you guys think?

Hey guys Happy sunday Fun day!
Here is some work i was able to do today, as always let me know what you guys think! :slight_smile:

During out Rain day i was able to get some work done

Some lunch Time tweaks as well as asset placement
As always let me know what yall think :smiley:

Hey guys!
So I have tweaked the lighting some more as well as started to redo the background meshes to more closely resemble the concept. Also i added a couple of new meshes and started placing them in the world.
Let me know what you guys think :smiley:

Wow the sand looks soooo good! How did you pull it off?

Hey thanks so much, i made it in substance :slight_smile:
I did some more work on the lighting…
so the next steps from here, since moving to austin and attempting to achieve my childhood dream of someday making games I have heard some feedback about my portofolio lacking high res meshes…I will be taking a break from Mars to create a couple high res assets. But when i’m done I am planning on going to town with high res models on mars :slight_smile: but as always let me know what yall think