[WIP] Mad Mars

Mad Mars is a custom game mode and custom map for ARK.

After depleting most resources on Earth, humankind turned to Mars to find their salvation. In an effort to terraform Mars into a lush earth-like planet, survivors and billions of dollars in technology and resources were sent. There was only one problem: the automated building deployment and capsules containing the necessary lifeforms and nutrients to jumpstart the planned hyper-evolution process deployed but only a handful of the survivors woke up on time from their cryogenic sleep.
Now, after an unknown number of years, a handful of the thousands of initial colonists finally wake up from their cryogenic sleep after power runs out in their units. They wake up to now lush and vibrant craters teeming with life forms much akin to dinosaurs that used to run the planet millions of years ago on Earth.
Armed with nothing more than a primitive knowledge, they must fight to survive in a hostile environment and explore an unknown world in hopes to understand exactly who they are and what went wrong.

Contact :

Current active members :
Ditsov (Level Design / Scripting)
Mezzo (Blueprint)
RageYeshy (UI)
BlueFreakQ (3D modeling)
MRRadioactiv (3D Modeling)
Bacon_Beard (Music)
marzyyy (Music)

Planned Features

  • New spawn - wake up in a cryo tube ready to take on a new Mars.
  • Human NPC’s - A new primitive species found on Mars just trying to survive.
  • Vehicles - including buggies and dirt bikes.
  • Bunker System - Explore the bunkers left behind the first survivors. and Bunker security system - add CCTV and monitors to your base for that extra security.
  • New resources - There’s no oil on mars, so it’s now wood gas and nuclear power!
  • Revised crafting system - Engrams only get you through the first ten levels, after that blueprints must be found in abandoned structures and research sites.
  • New blueprints (New clothes, buildings, weapons).
  • Capsule drops (these drops will contains blueprints & seeds).
  • Survival (Hunger, Thirst, Stamina) will be different to fit the new game mode and map.
  • Dangerous terrain - only the craters or canyons on mars are filled with life, between them you will find harsh desert.
  • and more!

**WIP Screenshots **

Imgur Album :

Looking really cool, Ditsov! I’m excited to see what you have in store :smiley:

Thanks Starstilanx ! :slight_smile:

The most difficult part for me will be making good looking materials. If i could for example achieve at least half the quality of the map in this
i would be very happy :slight_smile:

Quick update :

I took a 2 week break from modding but i started working on the mod again.
I learned a lot working on landscape in UE4 and decided to start again from scratch with the landscape and materials. Quality will surely increase.
I managed to make a better heightmap from mars and i’m getting pretty good at using substance designer. I hope to get a few screenshots up by next week !

As promised, i managed to get some work done on my custom landscape material. It is far from done but i’m pretty proud of the end result after hours tweaking the base colors of my textures.

Craters like this one will be the main spot for base building, you will only find huge amount of water there. In other parts of the world, you will need to use wells or pump water from underground with a custom structure.

Looking great Distsov!!!

Still a long way to go.

Wasting a lot of time with issues like this one :

Edit : and two minutes later i managed to fix this issue. I suspected it was the number of materials painted on a component and i was right :

I hope to have a first version of the landscape and some basic gameplay to be available on the workshop by the end of the month.

Took some time to write a small blog post about the process of creating the landscape of Mad Mars, you can find it here :

Very nice idea! I will watching your progress :slight_smile:

WIP mask by Pontori :

New players will spawn with this on :slight_smile:

Dev Log #2 is out, i talk a little about the story and gameplay of the mod :
Mad Mars Dev Log #2 : Shaping the story & gameplay

I’m also thinking about entering the modding contest with my mod, will have some news shortly about that.

depends what ur needing help with hit me up first in best dressed :slight_smile:

I made a post about that here :

We’re currently looking for people who can do :

3D modeling
blueprint scripting
Community management

WIP Screenshot

Another update on the landscape & materials

the sand/small rock look great :slight_smile:

Mmmm can almost feel that soil between my fingers it looks so nice!

I’m working on ground clutter for the red sand at the moment. It will look much better with rocks & foliage. Hope to have more screens by the end of next week.

Little preview of something i’m working on right now for our main menu :


Got inspired by this amazing video :

Hey Ditsov :slight_smile:

You should delete the specularity. So Mars has no shiny plastic apperance then. :slight_smile:

The music video is diabled in my country, because of copyright infringement.

A lot happened the past few days, you can follow our progress on our reddit post :