[WIP] Hunter Ship

Hunter Ship

Slow Work in Progress…

This is a boat i have planned for ark as a mod. a ship of the Hunter class.
Head out to sea and hunt for megalodon and other creatures or just try to pirate players.

This is a ship have built from scratch and progress is slowly beeing made, But there is still alot of stuff to do.

Most of the Meshes are done.
Colission models are 99% done.
Textures Needs some finale touch.
Alot of the material still needs to imporoved.

Blueprinting. Gosh. where to start.
Basically everything.

Character animation rigging for the wheel turning needs to be made
Character animation rigging usage of the cannonneeds to be made.

Here is a few ScreenShots and a small videos of the ship.
Sorry for the coppy quality, my pc isnt good and the PIE was set to ultra, I still wounder why is didnt blow up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually yes, i have some thoughts. I have done alot of research past few days on making a boat for my Piracy Mod for my Water Island map. While i am not interested in using your boat or wanting any contribution when finished i am in the same boat, figuratively anyway! =P
My water world/piracy mod ue4 project thread:

If you are interested in joining up to maybe figure it out together i would be more then interested. The character needs a anchor point(So the boat driver/captain does not fly off when its moving.) Besides that also, what or where did you come about the steamboat model?
I have Teamspeak, teamviewer. Or we could work this out another way.


Its an ambisius project you got going on there.

Im sure we can collaborate on the boat part. I would probealy need several anchor points on the boat. gun pos. driver pos, top mast pos, shuffling charcole pos :stuck_out_tongue:

The steamboat was just someting that was borne by adding in parts to it.
1st i made this small boat. seen here.

But due to the waterplane issue. i desided not go ahead and mess around with it.
So i took the same hull. made it larger and well yeah, you see what came out of it so far :stuck_out_tongue:

i have teamspeak too, but a verry bad mic. I do use skype though. and steam but not so much.
There is still lots of stuff i need to finish up. mesh, textures, colision model, animations, so on.
So its still verry far from the public.

Progress is beeing made slowly.
Updated my 1st post with some new pic and a small video of the current state.

mod pretty girlfriend! you also awaits the devkit update for your boat … :frowning: