WIP - House

Hi guys.

Some screens from my latest job. I’m fixing minor lighting/textures erros yet, so you will notice some little wrong things.


Nice scene. Quick question for int/ext. Do you use reflectors with lights in windows for more indirect lighting? Or it’s simply a directional light + skylight that light the whole scene? Keep up the good work.

woow!, some screenshot is really good, looks lot promising your project
what did you do for such good contact shadows?


heartlessphil, I used only a directional light for the sun and skylight for a blueish color. Be careful, this method using the light coming from planes it´s not for complexes scenes and it does not generate sharpen shadows from secondary bounces.

To achieve detailed shadows, you have to use lower values in “static lighting level scale” and “indirect lighting smoothness”.


Awesome work!, I really like the result, congratulations!
This shadows in the little details called my attention as well. To get them, you only play with the static lighting level scale? or there are other things to take into account? Did you set this value less than 1?
I really love the way the light propagates in the scene. Do you get this depth propagation only through post process settings? Can you give us some tips? :wink:

Thank you so much!

I guessed that :slight_smile: thanks a lot for sharing the informations. Hope to see soon some ups


If you don’t mind, which values are you using for those screenshots?

By the way, Rafareis, is thre any way to override all the scene materials with just one, like in VRay when you can set an “override” material to test lighting?
It would be very useful.

thank you so much!

very nice, and you say it’s a WIP!
If i can say sth i think the floor in the clock-corridor screenshot is oversized, or it may be on purpose. Also the concrete/ pebles garden beside the dining table is in my opinion very sad and depressing, but there is a trend for unfriendly cold spaces. Tell me is it a real project/ investment or a concept?
All in all very well done! Keep up! Hope i’ll get as good as you are. Cheers!

Thank you very Rafareis123, you work is stunning here!

Settings important for lightmass, besides those Rafareis123 mentioned are : indirect lighting quality (you can set it to 10 instead of 1) and the number of indirect lighting bounces (you can set it to 100). Then you adjust static level lighting scale and indirect lighting smoothness. (I have both set usually to .6 or .7). I’ve never tried to go any lower but maybe it’s possible and beneficial. You could also disable lightmaps compression but that’s if you have a lot of ram I think. Some people like to also tweak the lightmass ini file directly, a bit like koola did…but you can raise build time tremendously. I would not do it unless you really know what you’re doing!

Another quick question. Do you leave the indirect lighting intensity set to 1 for directional and skylight? Or having lower/higher value here will help in a scene like yours?

Thank you heartlessphil,
I’m testing these values right now, but the building take tooo long, and my computer is a i7-2600 with 16GB RAM
I will let you know the conclusions.

Thank you!

It can take 7+ hours to build some scenes man. I know your pain. I had a i7 2600 with 8gb and bought a i7 3790k with 16gb on top of that. Gonna start using the swarm agent soon.

I’m tweaking the Koola’s lightroom demo, and I’ve been able to get the contact shadows like Rafareis123 did. Trying to push it even more. Build times are not too long since the scene is simple. 5-10mins.

Thanks guys.

Let´s clearify some things

1- You have to use lower values in “Static Lighting Level Scale” to achieve sharpen shadows from indirect lighting. Also you have to use lightmaps with 512x512 resolution or above
2- I don’t know why this lightmass settings from koola became so famous. There is a lot of non-sense values that will increase your rendering time and will not be efficient for quality of the lighting.
He made some scenes with a bunch of boxes with a low light condition, which is not suitable for complexes architectural scenes with an interior/exterior.
3- Lightmass from Epic is based on photon mapping algorithm. There is a lot of good articles on internet about it, I recommend you guys to read it.
Some parameters has to be tweaked in “baselightmass.ini” if you decrease “Static Lighting Level Scale” value.
4- Photon Mapping algorithm is very problematic in architectural rendering. You will always be facing problems with light/shadows leaks. Each scene you have to configure by trial and error the numbers of photons,
so there is no specific settings for it.
5- I have attached the settings that I used in this scene. This is not my final settings. I have to fix some lighting artifacts and try to find good values for the rendering time too. The scene was calculated in 4 hours on a dual-xeon 2670 v3, which is 4x faster than an I7 2600

Nudostudio, by pressing Alt + 6, you will visualize only the lighting pass in your viewport


Test showing the quality of indirect shadows

thanks a lot for all the useful tips and informations you gave us :slight_smile:

Testing the new DOF method (circleDOF). Some objects doesn’t have materials.

Rafareis123 is so right about the koola .ini hype.

I’m quoting Koola about the .ini he posted a while ago :

**’'Hey, thanks everybody !

For the BaseLightmass.ini I use this values (and I almost have no idea what each value does^^ … it’s totally random)’’**

And then eveeeeerybody took that .ini as the magical formula lol.

Thank you again Rafareis for sharing tips. I wonder if it would be possible to have a bruteforce/pathtracing engine in ue4 (or plugin maybe) only for lightmap baking! Because, in traditionnal offline renderer that what we pretty much all use nowadays.

At this point I think I would pay for a deep tutorial/course about the fundamentals of the lightmass G.I solver. Sure demo scenes help and quick tutorials too but what is missing is the interrelation between different settings. Sometimes I feel like I’m in front of v-ray 1.5 and it’s 56 000 settings. Lol

update with some of Rafareis tips (Haven’t dared touch the .ini yet). I removed all the reflectors/spot lights. Only directional+skylight, walls lightmaps are 512, floor and ceiling 2048, uncompressed.


Ok I’m done highkacking your thread!

…me too! :o

Out of curiosity, the leaking on the top of the walls…are they made via vertex painting?